Thursday, August 14, 2014

Surviving Cancer Naturally

Check out our new page of information about Surviving Cancer Naturally.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Light as Air Mesmerizing Mobiles!

New, New, New! Mobiles!

Beautiful mobiles!! Experience mesmerizing tranquility as you gaze at a gently moving light as air mobile! Calming and entertaining at the same time! The gentle movement soothes your tired jangled nerves. Mobiles from Sundrop Crystal! See the dozens of beautiful styles! Select yours Today! Fabulous Gifts!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Website Launched!!

Our fabulous updated new website has been launched, today, Tuesday February 26, 2013! It was a lot of work and there is more to do, but we think it is gorgeous! We hope you love it! It has new features, such as allowing you to create a Login and save your address and payment information. Convenient for future visits! There is a great new Navigation system, easy to use  drop-down menus to select from. We hope you enjoy your time visiting Sundrop Crystal Gift Shop! Greetings to all of our very wonderful customers!!  Enjoy!  Karen  :-)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sundrop Crystal Announces ~ A brand new website coming very soon! The new site will feature simple Navigation so you will be able to find your way around more easily! Beautiful Swarovski Crystals to make colorful Rainbows in your life!! Enjoy them today!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Sparkling Colorful Crystal Prisms! Get yours today and add Joy to your Life with Rainbows! Still time to shop for Mom for her Special Day! Crystals are a long-lasting thoughtful precious gift!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crystals For Mom!

Mother's Day is Very Soon! Celebrate the bright shining love your Mother has given you with a Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Prism from Sundrop Crystal! This is a gift that will please her every sunny day with beautiful rainbows that remind her of YOU! Hurry! The day is coming right up! Crystals for Mom!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Think Beads!

Summer has ended and it is time to think about brightening up those windows for the beautiful fall and the long winter! Winter is the best time for indoor rainbows because the sun is low in the sky and really shines through your windows! Make sure you have plenty of crystals ready to make beautiful colorful rainbows when the bright sun shines! For even more fun, hang your crystals with crystal bead hangers! Choose a rainbow hanger, or choose several single color hangers to make your own rainbow! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Crystal Bead Rainbows!

Crystal Rainbow Beads!

Crystal Bead Rainbows!

NEW! Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Prisms with Crystal Beaded Rainbow Hangers Attached! Dainty little crystals with rainbow beads, in shapes of hearts, stars, moons, matrix, and more! We also have larger crystals, in the shape of a beautiful bell or a lovely ball, with a wonderful colorful rainbow attached! Enjoy crystals and rainbows! Rainbow colored beads are so cheery and will brighten anyone's day! In the sunshine, there will be rainbows from the crystal in addition to the crystal bead rainbow! Visit Sundrop Crystal today for a fresh look at some old favorites and some brand new shiny things!! We look forward to seeing you! Happy Holidays To All!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Amazing Health Information

Hello Everyone!
There's lots of news in the world of crystals and rainbows. But first, here is some information that could really help you or someone you know. Please take a moment to visit this new page, read the links, and read my story. My life has been completely changed in less than a month after a lifetime of wishing things could be better. Well, they can, and I don't have to wish. It happened! Are you feeling tired, foggy, with aches and pains? You could be hypothyroid. Read this page!
~ Amazing Health Information ~ Please Read and Share! ~
Have a wonderful sparkly rainbow day!
And fabulous health to you!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Greetings from Sundrop Crystal!

Greetings from the sparkling world of Swarovski crystal prisms! Sundrop Crystal has been providing crystal gifts and rainbows since May, 1998. That's a lot of rainbows! We have Swarovski crystal pendant jewelry, necklaces and bracelets made of spectacular Swarovski crystal beads, and more!! In addition to all that, we have some really wonderful windchimes. Some are from Carson Home Accents. These are so much fun! They are colorful, and some have springs, chimes, parts that move, and they are just delightful! We also have Corinthian Bells Chimes, carefully hand tuned to specific music keys, and colored with powder coated aluminum. What's that, you say? That's the stuff they use to color cars. You have to figure your windchime will stand up to the weather! We even have some Amia suncatchers. They look like real stained glass, but they are hand painted glass. They are lovely and make great gifts! All of our items are reasonably priced, and we go the extra mile with making sure your items are packaged pretty for you and ready to be used. You don't have to fish around somewhere looking for a string for your crystal, it's all done for you. We know how hard it is to get those little things done. Wishing you many rainbows! Karen the Crystal Lady :)